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100 Best Life SMS Messages in Hindi & English 140 Words

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100 Best Life SMS Messages in Hindi & English 140 Words

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1. The best cosmetics in life, truth-for lips, sympathy-for eyes, prayer for voice, charity-for hands, smile for face & love for heart.

2. Life is not about what I’ve done, should have done or what I could have done. It’s about what I can do and what I will do.

3. Life isn’t always perfect, life isn’t always easy, Life doesn’t always make sense, but that’s the beauty of life.

4. See the clock only, you have not any work and don’t see the clock when you are at work this is the key to success in life.

5. Life is really nothing without love and care. Give everyone your love and attention, but don’t expect it back. Because it’s not a deal, it’s a feel.

6. Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons, we act without thinking and we keep thinking without acting.

7. Some people come in life with blessing and some people come in life with lessons.

8. A smile makes us look younger. While prayers make, us feel stronger and friends make we enjoy life forever.

9. Life doesn’t come with guarantees. Just know that smiling with brighten your face, Laughter will brighten your day, and good people will make your life great.

10. Life is much like a song. In the beginning, there is Mystery, in the end, there is confirmation, but it’s in the middle, where all the emotions reside to make the whole thing worthwhile

11. Life is about taking chances, Losing & finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past and realizing people change.

12. A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are.

13. Life is best for those who are enjoying it, Difficult for those who are analysing it and worst for those who are criticizing it.

14. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don’t.

15. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

16. Life and Time is the world’s best teacher Life teaches us to make good use of Time and Time shows us the value of Life.

17. Life is much easier to live when you get to know, ‘Which hands to shake and which hands to hold’.

18. Life is like a piano. White keys are happy moments and black keys are sad moments, but remember both keys are played together to give sweet music.

19. Life is not about what I’ve done, should have done or what I could have done. It’s about what I can do and what i will do.

20. True happiness is an acceptance of life as it is given to us, with its diminishment, mystery, uncontrollability and all.

21. Three stages of life Teens: You have all the time and energy but no money. Workers: You have the money and energy but no time. Oldies: You have all the time and money but no more energy. Lesson: Enjoy the Life, because you can’t have everything all at once.

22. Life starts with voice but ends with silence. Love starts with fears and end with tears. True friendship begins anywhere and ends nowhere.

23. Life is like flute, it may have many holes and emptiness, But, if you work on it carefully, it can play, Magical Melodies.

24. Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.

25. Life has 3Cs, Choice, Chance and Change. You have to make the Choice, to take the Chance, if you want anything to Change.

26. Life doesn’t get easier. You just get stranger.

27. You were given this life because; you were strong enough to live it.

28. Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live it in the best way we can. There is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments.

29. Enjoy your life without compare with other person; This will give you happiness in every moment of your life.

30. When you get attracted to someone, you’ll realize what love is, but when that someone starts avoiding you, you’ll understand what’s life.

31. Every minute is a challenge Every challenge is an opportunity Every opportunity is a chance One change can change YOUR LIFE.

32. Positive attitude words for Life. “The life is that you are living now, is also a dream of millions”.

33. Life is a onetime offer, so always use it WELL.

34. Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are set, cherish them.

35. In life, you might get more than what you deserve, but you’ll never get less than what you deserve.

36. Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back & realize, they were the Big Things.

37. The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, it is when you don’t know yourself.

38. The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are and the second greatest being happy with what you find.

39. Life is like a novel and every day is a new page. So, if a page is sad next will be happy. So, don’t worry, just turn the page and enjoy the life.

40. Sometimes, people you love the most don’t like you back, something are just not mean to be. But it’s ok; Life moves on. And you find someone worth your love.

41. Love the life you live and live the life you love.

42. Wonderful lines about life. Minimum requirements and maximum adjustments are the two steps of happy and successful life.

43. The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

44. The best things in life are Free Family, Friends, Smiles, Hugs, Kisses, Nature, Oxygen, Love, Sleep and Good Memories.

45. Man to God, why is life so difficult? God smiled and said, you people never appreciate natural things.

46. Always a positive attitude in life, because there is something positive in every person. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day.

47. A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of flying, but a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse and dreams of returning home. That’s Life!

48. Every new day is another chance to change your LIFE.

49. “Take Risks in your Life” If you win, you can lead! If you lose, you can guide!

50. In this life, no state is eternal. If it’s painful, be patient, it will change. If it’s pleasurable, don’t get attached, it will change!

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