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100 Sorry SMS Text Messages Msgs in English 140 Character

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100 Sorry SMS Text Messages Msgs in English 140 Character

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1. I just wanted to say I am extreamly sorry. Please forgive me!

2.If you are going to do something tonight that
You’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late.
I’m sorry to be smiling every time you’re near.
I’m sorry my eyes twinkle whenever you’re here.
I’m sorry I love you.
I can’t help it.

3. I am sorry, I know I hurt you by my miss behaviour, please give me one chance to prove me. Forgive me.

I am sorry to hurt your feelings, my love,
I should have kept my promises as I had told you.
But I don’t know the reason why I did wrong to you.
If you feel that, I had hurt you by rude words.
Then please forgive me and accept my sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.

5. I am extremely sorry for hurting your emotions and feelings. Please forgive me, my sweetheart.

Sorry, I mess up;
Sorry, I’m not perfect;
Sorry, I hurt you sometimes;
Sorry, I sometimes cry because I’m afraid of losing you!

7. Dear Dar,
I’m sorry I am not able to spend this day with you.
But guess what, I am sending you lots of warm hugs,
Kissed and an unlimited supply of love for eternity.

8. Remember the awesome times we had to spend together, and the dream of the beautiful future.
I am sorry dear if I hurt you.

Hey I am sorry,
What you think, I want to say.
S – Someone
O – One is
R – Really
R – Remembering
Y – You
Have a beautiful day!

10. I have made some mistakes…
You can hit me,
Scold me or even torture me.
But I’m sorry and
I would do anything to make up for it.

We smile at whom we like,
We cry for whom we care,
We laugh with whom we enjoy,
We become angry with whom,
We feel our own.

I know I had been stupid,
I know I had hurt you.
But there’s one thing I’m not sure yet,
Will you forgive me?
I’m so sorry!

I crave to see
The smile on your face.
I crave to be in your arms,
My favourite place.
I know, what I did was totally wrong.
But please forgive me.
Baby, it’s been too long.

I am sorry.
I suck at …
thanks for being patient with me.

15. I will do anything any everything just to take away all the hurt that you feel. Please forgive me and let me things straight. I’m sorry!

I am sorry for being so emotional;
I am sorry for being so possessive;
I regret that I cry for you;
I regret the fact because I can’t live without you!

I know my sorry may not mean that much to you,
But I can say it means a lifetime of our friendship to me.
Forgive me buddy!

18. I am so sorry, my friend. I made you mad.
I am so sorry, darling for making you sad.
Please forgive me, my babe and make me glad!

19. Sorry, I just a word. But with ‘Feelings’ it means that world. I am sorry dear; please forgive me.

20. I don’t know quite how to make things better between us. I can start by saying I’m sorry. I am.

I’m sorry if I hurt you.
I’m sorry that won’t be again.
But, I want you to know this,
I love you. I do.

I am sorry,
I fight with you,
I shout at you,
I do misbehave,
I hurt you a lot,
But I simply can’t live,
Without you,
I am sorry!

23. Saying sorry doesn’t mean there isn’t guilt, and forgiving doesn’t mean the pain is gone.

24. True saying. One minute of your angriness, you lost 60 seconds of happiness. Please forgive me, be happy always!

I always wake up every morning with a smile.
You know why?
It’s because of you.
Now I woke up and felt like,
I was carrying the world on my shoulders,
You know why?
It’s because I have hurt you.
I’m sorry!

I’m sorry I am not perfect.
I’m sorry I cut.
I’m sorry I break my promised.
I’m sorry I want to give up.
I’m sorry I want to die.
I’m sorry I want to kill myself.
I’m sorry I hide my emotions.
I’m sorry I lie and say I am fine.
I’m sorry I am pushing you away.

27. Sorry!
An apology is the superglue of life.
It can repair just about anything.
I am sorry!

28. I am so sorry! Please forgive me for I shall indeed to mend myself!

I have made some mistakes.
You can hit me;
You can scold me;
You can even torture me.
But please forgive me.
I am sorry! I would do anything to make up for it.

Maybe I can be angry at that time I am childish,
Maybe I hurt you, but I care you and love you.
I am sorry!
Love you forever!

31. I am sorry for being selfish. However, I can’t help it, and I want you just to myself. Please be my love, my lifelong companion!

32. Sometimes the words just come out wrong. So, sorry that I upset you!

33. I am sorry; I know it’s my fault. I’m so sorry I’ve hurt you. I’ll try my best never hurt you again.

34. What I did was foolish and totally impulsive. If I could take it all back, I’d do this so instantly. I honestly didn’t mean to hurt you in any way. I’m sorry for bothering you!

35. Tears are words the heart can’t express. I am sorry!

36. I know I’ve hurt you… I didn’t mean to I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

37. Love always falls like a drop of rain; let forgiveness wash away the pain. I am sorry!

38. I’m sorry! Sorry may have become just another word; but with tears, it means the world.

39. I am sorry, now for not being sorry when I should have been sorry when sorry was not the worthless option!

I am sorry,
I fight with you,
I shout at you,
I do misbehave,
I hurt you a lot,
But I only can’t live
Without you.
I am sorry!

41. Saying ‘Sorry’ may have become just another ‘Word’; but with tears in eyes, it means the ‘World’ to everybody! I am sorry!

I feel sorry for making you sad,
I feel guilty for making you feel iffy.
I am the sorry baby. Please forgive me.

I love you,
I’m sorry,
I appreciate you,
I’m proud of you.

44. For my dear wife, I have loved you and will love you forever, and it is through this beautiful message I am very sorry and also seek apology for hurting you yesterday. I hope you will forgive me for the same. Sorry, words for the wife!

I have a story for you my love; long time ago,
I used to think that dreams never come true.
But all that changed,
When you came to my life,
And took my heart away with you.

46. I’m sorry,
Sometimes, I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess it’s my insecurities acting up. Because I know I’m not the prettiest, smartest, or most fun and exciting. But, I do know that no matter. How hard and long you look; you’ll never find somebody that loves you like I do.

I am sorry;
I am sorry to see you like this.
I am sorry to have you like this.
You are my responsibility.
You are my life.
I am sorry!

48. You’d love yourself even after committing so many mistakes. Please replicate it when it comes to me also. I am sorry!

49. I know I was wrong and inappropriate that time, but you know I honestly did not mean to hurt you in any way. Please forgive me!

50. I am sorry. Sorry is a small word for the terrible mistake I’ve made. But believe me, the price of my actions I’ve heavily paid. Every single second away from you is like a dagger is my heart. Punish my anyway you want to… But I can’t stand being apart.

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